Uncle Chilli’s, The place where “U” belong

Dining & Bar AreaA cosy scene with a modern retro interior, dining and bar functions merge seamlessly at Uncle Chilli’s. Distinctive facets include a dedicated cigar lounge, private dining areas and the main bar and dance floor, where you catch all the red-hot action. Watch skillful mixologists let their creative juices flow non-stop alongside party goers displaying their nifty moves in sync with chart-topping renditions by the hottest live band and DJ in the city.

The  menu offers Western specialties, all time favourite comfort food and light bites. The extensive drink list boasts the widest range of bourbons and whiskies. Or go for the beers, cognacs, signature and classic cocktails.

Take the 3D tour of our Restaurants and Bar.


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What makes a pasta dish ‘maqnifiq’ is in the pasta dough, the sauce and the authenticity of the dish itself. Let us bring you an Italian experience through our irresistible ‘Pastamania’ promotion with Italian native, Chef Massimo Zampar! Starting on 15/4/2015 only at Uncle Chilli’s!‪#‎MagicMonday ‪#‎UncleChillis ‪#‎Pastamania

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